Artist’s Outline

 Shirly Ambrose

Ambrose has spent over forty years in the Yukon and fifteen in rural seclusion. It was in the isolation and the silence that she discovered her creative side. She was born near Mahood Falls in central British Columbia on January 7, 1972 and was brought to the Yukon in 1976 by parents who wanted to escape civilization yet were not actually hippies or in any witness protection like some people actually thought. In the wilds she led an unusually quiet and connected childhood to the natural and authentic world. While at times experiencing the extremes that are a necessary part of that life, it was that backdrop that she would ultimately draw on when facing various difficulties ahead. The far away land of the midnight sun is her home and beyond any shadow of a doubt, certainly meant to be her final and desired residence. She lives a life with her husband that some seem to daydream about and so they tell her. A high rustic cottage (which she designed and built with her late husband) over looking a vast lake and sailing in any spare time. For sailing they make time. Sometimes canoeing in calm waters. In the fall they victoriously search for mountain goats. In the winter they sled and ski, carve doors, and she does her artwork. With independent thinking and artistic determination she taught herself art without any form of instruction; initially, through the exigency of circumstances and without funds to buy any books. She has been portrait sketching since 1987 and painting with oils since later 1992…securing her first portrait commission when she was eighteen.
She is a fastidious perfectionist. Depending on an individual subject, the quality of the photograph that she is working from, and her own personal application, she usually takes more than four months on a single portrait and sometimes spends as much as thirteen hours in a single day without interruption or intermission. Her approach remains incisively conventional while her process is patient and uncompromising, refusing to submit to quantity over quality. No creative endeavour of hers is strained or strangled by commercialism. Never are her creations compromised for financial convenience or recognition. She has from early on opted to refuse government subsidies and has never applied for subsidization despite that the Yukon receives more per capita than anywhere else in the nation, which in turn, actually creates manufactured and dependent artistic communities.
Ambrose has been a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists for more than a decade. ASOPA is based in Montgomery, Alabama and is recognized internationally as the foremost portrait society in the world, though the organization only has around a thousand members; it continues to have such figures as Leon Loard, Daniel Greene, John Sanden, & Burt Silverman. She has had three independent art shows and one was at the mainfloor Yukon Government Building. She has been in thirteen various group shows, including two photography displays. As an unofficial member of the local arts community, she has served as director, vise president, and president at the Yukon Art Society which is the longest running arts group in the territory. In her time with the local arts community while known by her old name of Andre, she found herself surrounded and particularly relating to the original grandparent members of two generations before; the founders of that community; in which respect was reciprocated well. Her artwork has been displayed in local businesses; financial corporations and music stores. Some of her pieces of artwork are in homes in Redwood City/San Francisco and Ventura California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Maine, Washington, and one piece sold that is mysteriously floating around the world and cannot be located. Another piece can be seen in a famous autobiographical video (ISBN 0-89524-833-6 Windstar Records 1994). While pieces of her artwork as well have resided in the personal collections of Joan Baez, Graham Nash, Daniel Peek, and the late John Denver, even as commissioned.
Besides her oil and graphite portraits, she has long practised other creative avenues; areas of writing, including poetry, experiments with music on her antique piano, colonial costume sewing, carving, etching, photography, knitting, crocheting, and has practised bead & leather work since 1979. For many years she has also done handwriting analysis, having studied psycho-graphology through the courses offered by the leading IGAS in Chicago (Zurich is now second). When she was in Europe she had the unique opportunity to visit the University of Zurich where they originally studied graphology. Graphology is neither a complete science nor a cultic pseudo science. It is an incomplete science that more is being learned about continually but what we are using is incredibly accurate and assuredly proven, in agreement by the CIA, and it is a registered science since 1981.
Her philosophy toward life is that, our existence is predestined through an omnipotent God who either ordained or allowed our activities and conditions; though faultless we are not in those corrupted actions He does allow, credited we are not in the pure actions that He ordains, as we are only acting through His divine grace. All good stems directly from God and not outside of God which negates any logic in the human pride of well doing. We are not gods. That, outside of that divinity, the only source of truth and purity, there is no good to be found in any. Self described as a Monergist in her soteriology and fundamental Biblicist without apology. She and her husband lead Candlelight Crusade which is a spiritual outreach for anyone who has serious questions regarding the spiritual realm and the nonsubjective truth. They know there is not enough sound information dispelled by society & churches alike regarding the spiritual world, including the paranormal, leading many into further darkness and confusion; in a modern world of false prophets and charlatans. They offer counseling to anyone who is seriously in search of a better understanding in our defiant world. They outreach specifically to individuals who are done with prideful questioning and are left desperate for humble answers.
Another area of interest and concern is that of natural healing which she spends hundreds of hours a year studying and often implimenting. Despite being of average health, she has not had a doctor most of her adult life and has come far since her days of never taking a vitamin or eating balanced, vowing to treat any deseases naturally. She is unyielding in realization that mainstream medicine has sold out to worldwide genocide and financial gain by the global elitists. Watching people around her fall victim to the system has strengthened her convictions. It seems the older she gets the more obsessed she is with learning but always very selective in what she spends time studying and reading since life is very short. Despite her many passions that she has not the time to fully pursue, the only creative endeavour that can equal her portraiture, is her necessity and absolute desire to write. For both therapeutic and constructive purposes does she set pen to paper.
Realism is a challenge that proves God’s perfection; we can never quite measure unto. Our desire for perfection provokes endless aspirations that produce ever growing humility“- Ambrose




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